Welcome to the FEK Show. Here’s Em, Fariba, and Kirby.

I’m here today with the ladies of Team Zubor, Fariba, Em, and Kirby, and we’re here today to talk about the steps of first-time home-buyers jumping into the market.

The very first step to buy a house is to get the pre-approval for the mortgage. Then if you have that one in your hand, you’re not getting disappointed, right? You know what you’re looking for and you will be excited when you find your home because almost you are sure that you can get it. The second step is to find the right agent. Why? Because you can tell them that what you need, what location you are looking for exactly, how many bedrooms, if you have any pets, or if you need to be close with schools, then they are going to narrow it down to what your needs are. Right? For sure, they can find the right price for you. It doesn’t matter how much that house has been on the market and how much is the price. They can find the right price, the market value of that house, and they can negotiate the price for you.

Yeah. I completely agree with you, Fariba. I mean, the next step once you find your agent is to go out and look for homes, which is a really exciting time, especially if you’ve never done it before. This is that opportunity when you have found the right agent, they’re listening to your wants and needs, and they’re just making sure, “Hey, maybe you do like this or you don’t like this,” and putting those into perspective so that you’re looking at all the properties that will be of the most interest.

When you find the right home, what’s going to happen after that?

My favorite question. Basically, you’re going to make an offer. Your realtor will draft this up, and essentially it’s going to have all the terms and conditions for your contract, market-specific. You’ll have your time for inspection, arranging your financing with your bank and lender. Then after that, you have a firm and binding contract, and you’re a homeowner.

That pretty much brings us to my favorite part, which is when our buyers are going to be going into the lawyers or with the notary signing their paperwork, and they are officially a homeowner. Best day ever. Ladies at Team Zubor are super excited to announce that we will be doing a video once a month on common questions that come up in the real estate industry.

We’re super excited to hear about what topics in the real estate industry interest you the most, and stay tuned because next month we have something exciting coming.

Until next time.


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