Hey, I’m Sean with Team Zubor & Associates and Stonehaus Realty. And today we’re going to go over the Maple Ridge market update. So I’m sure you’ve seen it in the news, TV and everywhere else. December was a record year. That being said it was actually the best December to date. So let’s check out the numbers and see what happened.

All right. Let’s start with the hottest market. That’s detached homes. Keeping in mind a balanced market is considered about 20% sell-through ratio. We’re at a whopping 89%. That’s right. Nine out of 10 homes are selling in Maple Ridge right now, with the hottest markets being Albion, Thornhill, and Cottonwood, all over a hundred percent sell-through ratio. How is that possible?

But they can’t all be selling, can they? Wrong. Everything is selling. All the way from 700,000 to 2.5 million, it’s selling in Maple Ridge. However, there are the hottest price bands, and those are between 700 to 800,000, which is 145% sell-through ratio. And 1 million to 1.25 million, which is over a hundred percent as well. Those being acreages.

So everything’s busy. How do I get in what’s the best price point? Well, I can help you with all those things, but right now, the buyer’s best bet is 1.25 million to 1.5 million nonacreage property. So attached units are almost just as hot with 79% sell-through ratio. Almost eight out of every 10 home is selling. What are the hotspots? The same places as before. Albion, Cottonwood, and Thornhill, where we’re looking at over a hundred percent sell-through ratio in all those areas.

The hottest price bands are between 400 to 600,000 with everything. That’s right. Everything’s selling over a hundred percent. Now, what people are looking for a two-bedroom or better, but the hottest, the real hottest market is a three-bedroom plus with over 88% sell-through ratio. If you’re looking to sell your condo or townhouse, that’s the ideal market to be in.

So what about opportunities? The number one opportunity in Maple Ridge is a one-bedroom east central location condo between that two to $300,000 price band. Those are only selling at 20% sell-through ratio. Speaking of opportunities, we’d love the opportunity to let you know what your home is worth. If you have additional questions about market statistics or what’s moving in Maple Ridge, reach out to me at (604) 722-1631.


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